Over the years the positive effects of meditation and mindfulness have been more and more proven by international scientific research. The daily practice of meditation and mindfulness will improve your well-being and physical and mental health. It will help you to become more stress-resistant and able to deal in a healthier way with the daily challenges of modern, hectic life. After a longer period of daily practice you will look and feel younger. The list of proven benefits is long.

We offer two different eight-week courses in meditation and mindfulness:

1. Meditation and mindfulness for health and well-being. This course gives you tools and routines to enhance your daily well-being, physical, and mental health. You will soon feel more focused and able to live a more balanced and happier life.

2. Meditation and mindfulness for insight.
This course incorporates the benefits from the above course, but also gives you an introduction to Zen Buddhist practice.

The arranged meditation and mindfulness courses will take place mainly in South East London. We also welcome companies that are interested in enhancing the efficiency and the well-being of their employees. Any profession can benefit from this practice. These courses can easily take place at the companies' facilities. To book a course or get a quote please get in touch by email. Or click on the link below.


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