Creativity seems most commonly associated with artists. But creativity is way more than this particularly when it is practiced with mindfulness. If one looks at how artists create their artwork, one often finds that they have also practiced mindfulness during the process; that mindfulness is the foundation of the creative process. Being creative is a basic human need. If we feel that something is missing in our daily life we might look at the part that creative processes play in our life. The practice of mindfulness combined with simple creative techniques will soon give some insight into our own form of creativity.  Being mindful means being here and now. When we are totally here and now, we find so much more space to be aware of things around us. We discover new, unexpected correlations between things. These discoveries also give us a new perspective on  how to live more creatively on a daily basis. The mindful creativity courses cater to anyone who wants to discover their individual creativity, as well as for artists that are looking for a new approach to their creative work.

All photos seen here on this website have been taken in a meditative state of mind.

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